'Club Acoustica: The Basement Showcases Volume 1' CD NOW Available for Download.

Purchase and download available online at www.underfootrecords.com.au

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The album is made up of music from genres as diverse as folk, pop, jazz, blues, country, world and stripped back rock. The album features Stella One Eleven, Brett Hunt, Dominique Fraissard, Miss Radio, Jigzag, King Curly, Luke O'Shea & Medicine Wheel, Lyn Bowtell, Jeff Duff, Jay Atwill, The Blue Crew, Glance, Women in Docs, Shimmer and Gershon.

'I go way back with Club Acoustica... my first show at La Bar was in 1998, I think. And back then it was probably one of only two venues where as an unsigned act or solo songwriter you could display your goods. For me it was intrinsic to getting to where I am now.'
Luke O'Shea, in an article by Sacha Molitorisz, SMH Metropolitan

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"No Amps, No Drums, 100% Original: The Club Acoustica Story"
Radio Documentary by Jeanti St Clair, AMRAP Music Correspondent.

In May 2004 Jeanti St Clair, AMRAP Music Correspondent www.amrap.org and freelance radio producer/presenter, put together an 11 minute documentary on Club Acoustica.

The documentary has since been distributed to radio stations nationally. The piece is an all encompassing look at the growth of Club Acoustica since we began at La Bar in 1998 and offers insights to our current weekly shows at East Village, monthly shows at The Basement, the AcousticA radio show on 2SER 107.3FM, the Live At The Basement Vol 1 CD and CA's recent national expansion.

Add to this comments and insights from Martin Contempree (CA Director), Monica Lawler (CA Artist Booker and Emcee), Amanda Easton (AcousticA Presenter and musician), Michael Smith (Drum Media) as well as vox pops with several musicians and punters and you have the Club Acoustica story thus far in a nutshell.

To listen to the radio documentary - CLICK HERE

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09-03-2008 Acoustica By The Lake
11:10:00 AM   ABC Competition Winner
11:55:00 AM   Dave Bona Guitar Trio
12:40:00 PM   Erin Marshall
1:25:00 PM   Travis Collins
2:15:00 PM   Ngaiire
3:05:00 PM   Bobby Flynn
4:10:00 PM   Zkye
5:00:00 PM   Irwin Thomas
6:00:00 PM   Abby Dobson
22-09-2005 Club Acoustica Melbourne celebrates it's 21st Birthday.

Melbourne's Club Acoustica - showcasing the best original performances - is celebrating their 21st Showcase Birthday with a CD Launch.


16-12-2003 Club Acoustica @ The Basement 25/11/03

Club Acoustica is a lesson in what live musicians strive for; direct communication between the music and the audience, as if telling a fascinating...


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